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I’m a school/college provider

What can we do for you?

Whether your school has been running for years or you’re about to open your doors to hungry for education students, we can help you get things right. We work with learners of all ages, leaders and teachers to transform the quality and impact of education in early years, schools and in prisons.

Reaching students

Do you want to reach students, young people and families to tell them all about how you can help them on their journey to education and success? Consider exhibiting at one of our Prospects Events annual skills, career and apprenticeship events across the UK. You’ll be able to share skills and training opportunities directly with your target audience, inducing those who are harder to reach. You could even start the selection process there and then, reducing the length of traditional recruitment process.

Prospects Events

I am resilient

Resilience helps your students deal with life challenges. If the young people you’re working with have low resilience in areas of lifestyle, self, future and relationships, our I am Resilient programme could be just right for them.

It is an individualised mentoring-centred programme working with and training young people, families and partners to develop resilience. It can be adapted to the needs of individual families, schools and academies, multi academy trusts, local authorities and local enterprise partnership. 

Resilience Project

Becoming the best

Anything you can think of to improve your school, we can do through Optimus Education. It is a one stop shop for information, services and solutions to make schools better for their students. 

Our offer includes school awards, conferences, skills and careers events, training, print and electronic teaching and learning resources, consultancy, and a digital knowledge centre that provides 24/7 access to examples of best practice. We work with over 5,000 schools per year, in the UK and internationally, including nursery, primary, secondary and colleges. By doing so we support the teachers to improve and maximise the life chances of nearly 1.8 million students and young people.

Over 800 schools have signed up to and are working towards our Wellbeing Award for Schools – we would love your school to join. 

Or if you want to deliver the best education worldwide, our Gabbitas team can help. Are you considering opening a new school? From running feasibility studies, financial modelling to staffing support – we will make sure that your new venture will be a success. Or if your school is in need of improvements, with our specialist support you will reach your goal. We can also run UKiset  exams for you, designed to help schools identify the most suitable candidates.

Shaw Education Trust is a multi-academy trust, based in the north west and the Midlands. We work our hardest to improve, accelerate and enable ambitious life goals for all young people. We also help teachers become their best through School Centred Initial Teacher Training, and we run a research school. We work together with local universities, communities and government departments towards the common goal: for all children to have the opportunity to be successful, whatever their starting point.

At Shaw Education Trust we work with schools wanting to join us but also mentor schools and smaller academy trusts to help them develop to benefit the children they educate. 

Shaw Education Trust