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Policy Institute

Putting our beneficiaries at the heart of everything we do

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the Shaw Trust Institute. The Institute will be the advocacy engine for Shaw Trust, championing positive change for the people and communities we support, and the sectors we operate within. The Institute will act as both internal think tank to support the wider Shaw Trust organisation, as well as contributing to external public policy debate. 

We will advocate policy solutions to the challenges our beneficiaries, our sector and our society faces. To do this we will learn from our delivery of people centric public services, as well using our research results and advocacy to drive improvements in our service delivery. In particular, we will aim to identify areas for study which add value to the policy landscape and public debate.  

The Institute will carry out, publish and contribute research based on Shaw Trust’s expertise and insights as a deliverer of frontline programmes helping people improve their life outcomes. The Institute currently has a range of work streams underway and we look forward to publishing in the near future. 

Shaw Trust’s Institute forms part of Shaw Trust Foundation.  

We are very open to working in partnerships and collaborating on projects. Please do get in touch if you would like more information about the work of the Institute and the projects we are working on by contacting: 

Mark Hoda 

Charlie Garnett