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Charitable Services/Enterprise

Charitable Services and Enterprise

Charitable Services and Enterprises

Our network of retail stores and social enterprises means we can raise funds, provide skills, volunteering and employment opportunities.

What do we do?


Our Shops

By shopping in one of our 30+ stores across the UK you will help raise money to support the work we do in our local communities and our social enterprises. Our social enterprises provide meaningful work for disabled people and community support.

Our shops are always looking for extra pairs of hands, so get in touch if you want to join our 700 volunteers and 150 staff. You will gain valuable work experience, develop your skills, become more confident, or simply make a contribution to your communities.

Learn more about our retail stores.

Find your nearest store:
Young women working on a Shaw Trust retail stall

Accessibility Services

Digital accessibility means that everyone, regardless of their skills, abilities or disabilities, can access information, technology, products and services, often using assistive technology. Our Accessibility Services social enterprise can help your organisation ensure your digital assets are fully accessible, increasing their effectiveness and reach. Our in-house digital testing team will take you through the entire process, from designing a website or app, through to product creation and launch, and finally by providing testing, technical support and consultancy. Accessible Services is unique in the marketplace employing disabled people with first-hand, lived experience of disability and assistive technology.

To find out how your business can become digitally accessible visit the website.
Accessibility Services

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)

Disabled Living Foundation (DLF) provides invaluable information, advice, guidance and accredited training on everything you need to know about independent living. LivingMadeEasy is our assistive and adaptive technologies comparison website which helps people pick the best product for their needs. AskSARA supports hundreds of thousands of older and disabled adults with our self-help guides, and tens of thousands of professionals in the independent living field access vital information on our Licenced Data products.
Disabled Living Foundation (DLF)

Forth Sector

It is a local charity in Edinburgh providing work and learning opportunities for disabled adults, mainly within its award-winning St Jude’s Laundry. The Laundry holds the Royal Warrant for Laundry Services and processes 350,000kg of laundry to commercial customers every year.
Forth Sector

The Growing Place

Adults with learning disabilities can gain essential life skills and build confidence by training or working at one of our horticulture projects. Our sites, based in the north east, south west, midlands and London, also offer a range of plants for sale. Find the nearest project.

Shaw Trust Garden Centres

We operate three garden centres: Palmer Gardens in Trowbridge, Billing in Great Billing and Pavilion near Wolverhampton where our knowledgeable staff are on hand to help you find just what you need to make your garden flourish. Whether you want to buy seasonal plants and shrubs or get top tips and advice on how to make the most of your outdoor space, we can help.
But that’s not all – as well as selling plants and running a cafĂ©, our Palmer Gardens centre offers training opportunities for adults and young people with learning disabilities so they can learn new skills, boost their confidence and become more independent. For those who aspire to work, we create paid opportunities on site or help them secure work elsewhere. We are planning to roll out the training model to Billing and Pavilion centres soon, so more people can have meaningful work opportunities, making a step towards reaching independence.
Find your nearest centre here Palmer Gardens, Billing and Pavilion.
Like our Facebook page for the latest offers and events: Palmer Gardens, Trowbridge

Scadbury Park

Scadbury Park is a 300 acre nature reserve based in Bromley where we deliver a range of horticultural, ecological and maintenance projects for people with learning disabilities. Nurture @ Scadbury Park is an intergenerational wellbeing project to develop relationships between people of all ages to help reduce the feeling of loneliness and depression, enhance physical, social and cognitive learning, increase awareness of and improve wellbeing.

Shaw Trust Industries

Shaw Trust Industries manufactures plastic products including protective covers, injection moulding and powder coating. At Shaw Trust Industries over 82% of our staff are disabled people working alongside our team of engineers and mechanics. We have created more than 300 employment opportunities for disabled people, and every one of our disabled workforce was unemployed before starting work with Shaw Trust Industries.